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GEEKSOAP for the Holidays (Beat the Rush SALE!) & Holiday 2013 FAQs

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It has been the busiest holiday season yet for GEEKSOAP.net! We’re on track to surpass even last year’s astronomical holiday sales, so THANK YOU!

Like last year, I’m offering a fabulous way for you to beat the traditional holiday rush AND save big on all of your geektastic soap favorites with the Beat the Rush 2013 sale! Click the banner below for more information and to grab the 20% off code good for everything in the shop at geeksoap.net.

GEEKSOAP Beat the Rush Holiday 2013 Promo - Ends December 1

That being said, you guys have sold me out completely a number of times already since the sale went live on November 1. Which is AWESOME of course, but also frustrating to those of you trying to order towards the end of the week because it’s all sold out! I’ve put together a quick Holiday FAQ page over at geeksoap.net to help make sense of all the madness so be sure to check it out! For the TLDR version, just know I restock the shop of all sold out items first thing every Monday morning. The most popular soaps are generally sold out by Wednesday or Thursday, and I catch up over the weekend and rinse/repeat the restocking process on Monday.

A question I’ve been asked a lot is how I can sell out when I don’t keep traditional stock. You’re right – I don’t keep soap stock lying around. Every single order is made FRESH when ordered, made to order, in the order it was received. (That’s a lot of orders.) Because I’m the only employee of GEEKSOAP and I make each order by hand myself one-at-a-time, on top of also being the only one to wrap, package, and ship all of your individual orders, AND additionally on top of teaching full time… I set stock numbers to reflect what I can realistically and reasonably make in 10 business days or less. This is mostly to ensure I can get your order to you in a reasonable amount of time. It also is my safety net so that I don’t drown in soap orders I can’t physically keep up with, which would also mean you’d never get your order if I set numbers beyond my means. I refuse to compromise when it comes to your satisfaction!

I truly appreciate your patience during this busy time. Know that I am working overtime and doing everything I can to ensure orders are continually made with the highest quality standards AND on a schedule so that you still receive your order in time for holiday gift giving. For more information check out the Holiday FAQ page.

New Shop Layout is Coming!

GEEKSOAP is getting a complete shop overhaul and relaunching fresh with all kinds of awesome new features, new look & layout, and new products in January 2014! I cannot wait to share what’s coming! You can bet on fantastic giveaways and prizes to celebrate the exciting new look and shop format. Stay tuned and THANK YOU for being the reason I’ve been able to make my small business dreams come true.

New Soap Coming in 2014

Plans for new soap in early 2014 include a Wonder Woman design and a trilogy soap set for Hunger Games fans. You’re going to love them!

Thank you for your business and all of your love & support. YOU are the reason I do what I do, and YOU are the reason GEEKSOAP is successful. I couldn’t do it without you!

Please note: Christmas delivery not guaranteed for domestic (U.S.) orders after December 6, 2013. The shop will be closed between December 14 and January 6 so that I can restock & organize supplies, prepare for the HUGE relaunch of the brand new shop layout, and to spend time with my family. I appreciate your understanding!