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Today I re-launched the GEEKSOAP site, including a total overhaul on the site AND store layout. Everything is fresh and new, and I’ll be doing all of my soap related blogging over on the new site instead of here. Be sure to check it all out over at – there’s a coupon code on the blog that’s good for 20% off your entire order until February 1!

As a reminder, to stay up with GEEKSOAP related news and contests, be sure to follow the blog over there, as I’ll reserve The Pink Toque (or our family blog) for non-soap stuff going forward.

I’m so excited! Hope you like the new layout!

GEEKSOAP for the Holidays (Beat the Rush SALE!) & Holiday 2013 FAQs

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It has been the busiest holiday season yet for! We’re on track to surpass even last year’s astronomical holiday sales, so THANK YOU!

Like last year, I’m offering a fabulous way for you to beat the traditional holiday rush AND save big on all of your geektastic soap favorites with the Beat the Rush 2013 sale! Click the banner below for more information and to grab the 20% off code good for everything in the shop at

GEEKSOAP Beat the Rush Holiday 2013 Promo - Ends December 1

That being said, you guys have sold me out completely a number of times already since the sale went live on November 1. Which is AWESOME of course, but also frustrating to those of you trying to order towards the end of the week because it’s all sold out! I’ve put together a quick Holiday FAQ page over at to help make sense of all the madness so be sure to check it out! For the TLDR version, just know I restock the shop of all sold out items first thing every Monday morning. The most popular soaps are generally sold out by Wednesday or Thursday, and I catch up over the weekend and rinse/repeat the restocking process on Monday.

A question I’ve been asked a lot is how I can sell out when I don’t keep traditional stock. You’re right – I don’t keep soap stock lying around. Every single order is made FRESH when ordered, made to order, in the order it was received. (That’s a lot of orders.) Because I’m the only employee of GEEKSOAP and I make each order by hand myself one-at-a-time, on top of also being the only one to wrap, package, and ship all of your individual orders, AND additionally on top of teaching full time… I set stock numbers to reflect what I can realistically and reasonably make in 10 business days or less. This is mostly to ensure I can get your order to you in a reasonable amount of time. It also is my safety net so that I don’t drown in soap orders I can’t physically keep up with, which would also mean you’d never get your order if I set numbers beyond my means. I refuse to compromise when it comes to your satisfaction!

I truly appreciate your patience during this busy time. Know that I am working overtime and doing everything I can to ensure orders are continually made with the highest quality standards AND on a schedule so that you still receive your order in time for holiday gift giving. For more information check out the Holiday FAQ page.

New Shop Layout is Coming!

GEEKSOAP is getting a complete shop overhaul and relaunching fresh with all kinds of awesome new features, new look & layout, and new products in January 2014! I cannot wait to share what’s coming! You can bet on fantastic giveaways and prizes to celebrate the exciting new look and shop format. Stay tuned and THANK YOU for being the reason I’ve been able to make my small business dreams come true.

New Soap Coming in 2014

Plans for new soap in early 2014 include a Wonder Woman design and a trilogy soap set for Hunger Games fans. You’re going to love them!

Thank you for your business and all of your love & support. YOU are the reason I do what I do, and YOU are the reason GEEKSOAP is successful. I couldn’t do it without you!

Please note: Christmas delivery not guaranteed for domestic (U.S.) orders after December 6, 2013. The shop will be closed between December 14 and January 6 so that I can restock & organize supplies, prepare for the HUGE relaunch of the brand new shop layout, and to spend time with my family. I appreciate your understanding!

Welcome Back Hockey Contest: Win Custom Hockey Puck Soap!

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hockeypucksoap01HOCKEY IS BACK! One great surprise in the new year is the return of NHL hockey! Sure it’s only half a season but half a season of hockey is better than none, and we can’t WAIT to watch games again! The return of hockey prompted the return of my popular Hockey Geek regulation size puck soap. And to celebrate, I’ve got a bar to give away to a lucky reader… customized with your fave hockey team’s logo on top! Whether you’re a Calgary fan or a Blackhawks fan, I can accommodate for your prize puck. When the random winner is chosen and contacted, I’ll ask you for your favorite team choice and print the top label accordingly.

Ready to win some hockey puck soap and celebrate the return of the NHL season? Complete the form below. The random winner will be chosen on Thursday, January 17 and your prize puck will be shipped out on Friday, January 18 via USPS Priority mail. Score!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! Welcome back hockey!


The NHL and hockey team logos are copyright to their respective teams and the National Hockey League. These are not licensed soaps nor endorsed by the NHL. It’s just for fun, and no profit will be made on this giveaway.

So Much New Soap at in 2013!

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Happy New Year!


It’s 2013 and with a new year comes NEW SOAP in the shop! Have you seen all the new stuff?! There’s Harry Potter soap, Guild Wars 2 soap, and Millennium Falcon soap. You’ll even see some new dinosaur soap and train engine soap AND (whew!) there’s some sweet new Valentine’s Day picks like the “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” train soap! When paired with a classic favorite, the less-than-three heart emoticon soap, both make perfectly unique valentines to give your special someone this year. Seriously, the shop is busting at the seams with new stuff and I’m so excited about a fresh new year full of awesome for GEEKSOAP!

Be sure to head on over to to nab all of the new goodies! To thank you for all of your holiday orders that kept me busy leading up to Christmas, (another record breaking year of sales!) I’ve got a discount code for you – HolidayTY – for 10% off everything in the store until the end of the month. I can’t thank you enough! YOU are the reason I do what I do, and I appreciate it so much! <3

Use code HOLIDAYTY for 10% off at

Welcome 2013! All the best in the new year to you and yours.

GEEKSOAP Spring Cleaning and NEW STUFF!

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swtor soap by geeksoap

swtor soap by geeksoap

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to initiate spring cleaning at I’m focusing all of my energy on the most popular designs and making them even better than ever, including better ingredients, better packaging, and tons of NEW stuff!

Firstly, as some of you have noticed, I’m phasing out most of the super clear designs to make way for their re-designs. The most popular of my clear series with inserts will be re-made over the next year; my goal is to re-release one a month starting with the heart emoticon, Zelda Triforce, and Cthulhu. They will be even better than before, now featuring only 100% natural ingredients AND hand-carved raised designs. As always, my soaps will continue to be vegan friendly, always plant-based and never derived from or tested on animals.


  • A NEW hand-carved Star Wars: The Old Republic design (releasing end of Feb 2012)
  • As promised: Batman soap re-design, BATSCRUB and “baby” Batscrub Guest Soap
  • A NEW hand-carved top secret addition to one of my most popular series. Hint: April is coming…
  • Re-designs coming soon for my most popular clear soaps
  • NEW darker (less pastel!) color options for my famous D20 Soap on a Rope!
  • NEW packaging and promotional goodies

That’s not all, but that’s the bulk of what I’m currently working on. New soaps, makeovers for old favorites, and so much more. The store site will also be getting a makeover in the near-ish future. With the new soaps come new promotions and giveaways galore, too! I’ve got some contest ideas up my sleeve and will be featured on a few podcasts in the coming months, who will be the exclusive FIRSTS to have my new designs to give away, so find out how and when by following me on Twitter or Facebook, if you’re not already. Contests and giveaways will always be announced there first!

Are you on Pinterest? I started using Pinterest last year to keep track of ideas for my new geekling (who is 8 months old now, OMG WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!), and it seems like lately it has become THE in thing to do. Everyone I know is on Pinterest now, which is totally exciting! Check out my boards, and watch for more social media connection love on the blog and in the store soon as part of the re-design.

Oh! And GEEKSOAP is partnering up with Kentucky Geek Girl and will be at the Lexington Comic & Toy Con on March 24. Look for more information to come soon at and the KYGeekGirl’s Facebook page. Get some freebies from Natasha and get a code for getting your hands on more goodies just in time for the release of some new stuff!

Whew! I hope you’re as excited as I am about GEEKSOAP’s spring cleaning! Lots of sudsy fun ahead :)

Happy Anniversary, GEEKSOAP!

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Happy Anniversary, GEEKSOAP!

Technically, the very first bar of GEEKSOAP (Batman) was created in May 2009 for my best friend’s birthday when I was living in Calgary. However, I didn’t get back into making soap and adding it to my Etsy store for purchase until the end of 2009, after I’d moved back to the states and gotten settled in.

Back then, the few varieties of GEEKSOAP bars I made were small and made from expensive, yet not the best quality, soap base. I had a lot to learn. I did my homework, looked into better quality bases, and took tips and advice given to me by the amazing @KyleeLane, who is a magical soapmaker and has become a very dear friend. I was blown away by Kylee’s generosity along the way and am thankful for all of her support and advice, because she helped to make me a better soapmaker. When I set out with GEEKSOAP, my goal was to create one-of-a-kind soaps that you couldn’t find anywhere else before me, and I succeeded with each bar I made. Today I continue to strive to make original soapy creations!

I’ve learned A LOT, and today am proud to make soaps that not only look a million times better, but they’re made from better materials than I used back in the beginning when I first started out, too. All bars are vegan friendly and hypo-allergenic and my custom molded bars (game cartridges, D20s on a Rope, Donkey Kong barrels, etc.) are not only 100% original, but they’re made from 100% all natural ingredients these days also. I’ve changed the way I make, color, and even wrap my soaps to provide a better overall product for my customers, who are the most important part of my business. Even my handmade labels have evolved along with my skills to better showcase the designs and ingredients inside. SO MUCH HAS CHANGED! Those of you who were with me in the very beginning on Etsy know where I started and how much GEEKSOAP has transformed. Thank you for supporting me.

Back in the end of 2009 when I was selling on Etsy, I was selling my soap alongside my textile handmade goods like crochet Cthulhu hats. My Etsy had always been a bit of a hodge-podge of handmade goods, and has seen a large variety of products over the past 5 years… from purses and pouches that I sewed, to knit products, patterns, and crochet goodies. Then soap. Sales were slow at first, but after several big features of my D20 Soap on a Rope design (including a nod & linkage from the official Wizards of the Coast site!) which made my Etsy explode in early 2010 to the point that I couldn’t keep up because they kept selling out faster than I could relist, I realized that my soap really needed to be separate from my random fibre goods. I needed a new place to sell so that I could really focus and develop all of the geeky soap ideas I had in one place, with a name that made sense. I had been referring to the soap on Etsy as “GEEKSOAP”, so on February 23, 2010 I registered and began promoting it as its own brand via BigCartel. The rest is history.

Technically GEEKSOAP has been around longer than a year, but I consider today to be its anniversary since I didn’t separate GEEKSOAP from my fibre crafts and recognize it as its own brand in its own store until then, one year ago today. In celebration of this milestone and ALL of the amazing changes that have taken place over the past year to make GEEKSOAP better and better (and still striving to improve all the time!) I want to offer a special promotion code for the week – CELEBRATE used at checkout over on will take 30% off your entire order!

I can’t thank my customers and supporters enough for EVERYTHING this past year. Lots of love, advice, suggestions, AND constructive feedback has helped me do things better and make better things. I admit I’ve made mistakes (especially when I was first starting out) and I’m not perfect or even close to it, but because of your support I’ve been able to learn from mistakes and create a better product over the past year. We had an astronomically successful holiday sales season with so much positive feedback that I look forward to continuing successes!

While GEEKSOAP has gotten much bigger than I ever dreamed of over the past year, you’ll notice that I’ve declined wholesale and retail opportunities along the way. Why, you ask? Why would I not want to become even bigger? Back during Gen Con I had so many ridiculously amazing wholesale opportunities come up and I wanted to take them all, but I was realistic: I am just one person with a full time teaching job and starting a family was on the horizon, and I was afraid to take on large scale orders in addition to my booming online sales. Afraid? Let me explain. Most of my soaps are made one-at-a-time, and I wanted to ensure that I never spread myself out too thin. The success was so huge this past year that I was worried if I said yes to all of the opportunities that fell into my lap, I’d lose sight of what was important: my customers. My online shop customers come first always. I know with a full time job and a baby on the way that this one girl cannot handle large scale retail orders and I refuse to stress myself out about that. Life’s too short! While it may seem “sad”, I have always been 100% okay with that and accepted that fact way early on, because I am also afraid that if I spread myself out too thin that I’d not be able to keep up the same level of quality for my customers. I don’t do GEEKSOAP to make gobs of money. Sure it’s nice, but I do GEEKSOAP as a labor of love without relying on it as a source of income. Why? Because I enjoy handcrafting something that expresses my geeky interests and makes people happy. That makes ME happy. I’d rather shut down completely than allow GEEKSOAP to become too commercial or let my quality slip because I have to rush to keep afloat. I won’t allow it to get out of control. I learned the importance of saying “no” even when I wanted to take on some of the amazing wholesale opportunities I’ve been offered because I don’t want GEEKSOAP to lose its small, independent handmade business identity… and I know me, if I said “yes” to everything I’ve been offered, I’d not be physically able to give the attention to detail that every bar deserves as well as keep up with online sales. I’m sorry if you’ve queried me about selling my soap in your stores and I’ve turned you down; I want you to understand where I’m coming from to know why. :)

As if that wasn’t sappy enough for you, I also wanted to express my most sincere gratitude to ALL of you for your love and support the past few weeks. A lot of you know my husband spent a week in the hospital, and the unknown and then waiting for answers was hard! You guys were there for us when it was scary, and you were still there to celebrate with us when they figured out what was wrong. You’ve still been there for us as he’s been recovering, and we can’t thank you enough. Really. This week has  been magical; Lucas is finally on the mend AND we found out our geekling on the way is a BOY! The outpouring of love and congratulations we received was jaw dropping. Not that this pregnant geek needs more reason to be emotional, but just know that your support has been so appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Sorry for all of the sappiness, but I truly look back to this past year and the growth and the support I’ve experienced, and I’m overwhelmed with love and appreciation for you all. I have a hard time fathoming your awesomeness. I’ve met so many of you via Twitter and Facebook and in person at conventions like Gen Con and Dragon Con, too; I’ve even made some of the most amazing friends because of it, who I hold very dear to my heart. I am so thankful! Thanks for making GEEKSOAP’s anniversary (and everything else going on in my life these days!) something to celebrate. #happy

Don’t forget: use CELEBRATE all week long at for 30% off your entire order! <3

Buy a Soap, Save Boobies!

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Back in December, my boss asked me about breast cancer awareness soap and whether I could make her some that she could order to give to the team members of their annual Race for the Cure team that supports her mom, Ginny. I found a suitable mold from my supplier and made a few bars as an example. The team’s motto became “Clean Up for a Cure” with soapy inspiration.

This week I registered to join Ginny’s Crew and help Clean Up for a Cure. Me and my 7 month pregnant belly will be proudly walking in the Komen Indy Race for the Cure in downtown Indianapolis on April 16, 2011. I’m doing all I can to help raise money for breast cancer research and education by inviting my friends and family to walk with us, and encouraging donations towards my personal sponsorship that goes towards the overall team goal for Ginny.

Want to Help?
Starting this week I’m making the breast cancer awareness soaps available for sale at, and you can buy one (or more!) between now and April 15, 2011. Purchasing a bar is a 100% direct donation towards our team fundraising goal just in time for the Race for the Cure.

Follow our progress on my personal page at the Komen Indy Race for the Cure fundraising site.

When you add a Clean Up for a Cure soap to your cart, you have the option to make your donation anonymous OR you can choose to include your name with the donation. When these soaps are ordered, I will personally go and donate 100% of the soap purchase (all $10!) right to my Race for the Cure fundraising page, and either list your name as the donor (if specified) or list your donation anonymously – however you chose when checking out. And if you choose to have your name included, I will go by the default name on your Paypal account, though you can specify a Twitter handle or nickname in the notes to seller when checking out if you’d rather use that instead. You’ll be able to start seeing donor contributions listed on my Race for the Cure site within 24 hours of purchase.

The best part? 75% of the money raised stays in Indiana for breast cancer education and research. The other 25% goes towards national breast cancer research and advocacy. Which means 100% of your donations are helping to end breast cancer forever!

Please help me reach my personal goal, which helps Ginny’s Crew reach their team goal, which means more help in the battle against breast cancer. You can purchase a Clean Up for a Cure soap OR sponsor the team & I directly in the Race for the Cure this April if you’d like to specify a different amount. No donation amount is too small, and every penny counts! And if you’re local, why not register to come walk with us? We’d love to have you.

The Clean Up for a Cure soaps are made from 100% all natural, vegan friendly ingredients. They weigh roughly 5oz, and are approximately 3″ x 2.5″. Each bar of soap smells of soothing, comforting lavender.

Two Ways to Donate, Three Ways to Support!
Buy Clean Up for a Cure Soaps – 100% of the soap purchase price ($10/each) is immediately put towards my fundraising goal.

Sponsor me directly via my Race for the Cure fundraising page to specify a different donation dollar amount. Remember, no amount is too small, and every penny helps and is appreciated!

Register to participate (walk, run, or sleep!) in the Komen Indy Race for the Cure on April 16, 2011.

Thank You!
Thank you for supporting breast cancer research and our Clean Up for a Cure team – especially Ginny!

New Clean of Kong Soap & Contest!

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After several long months, I’m finally able to share a new geeky soap… Clean of Kong: A Fistful of Bubbles! This Donkey Kong inspired soap has been on my mind since last fall when my dad sent me a link he thought would give me some new soap ideas. It was a list of classic games and how they’ve stood the test of time, and I saw Donkey Kong on the list. I was immediately transported back in time where I was a kid playing Donkey Kong on the Atari at my grandma’s house. The first thing that popped in my mind when I thought of DK and soap was… a barrel! Of course! Barrels are the hallmark of the Donkey Kong game series, and I could picture this beautiful soap in my mind.

Fast forward to the present, and I finally am unveiling the Donkey Kong inspired barrel soap in all its glory. I am really proud! It took me several mold attempts to get it just right, and I’m finally happy with how my vision turned out. When I was trying to decide which scent to use, the only thing that made sense (scents?) was banana. Those of you that know me know that I don’t exactly like bananas. In fact, I loathe  bananas. The taste, the consistency… everything. But considering how much a role bananas play in the Donkey Kong series, it seemed like the best choice, and nothing else seemed like a better fit. I went with a banana coconut fragrance oil, and the final result came together so well that I think you’re really going to love it.


With the holiday season being so busy, it feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve given away some FREE soap! Time to remedy that. There are TWO ways to enter:

1. Comment on this blog post and tell me your favorite classic video game of all time.
2. Tweet this message on Twitter:

I am entering to win @geeksoap’s new Donkey Kong soap: Clean of Kong! #geek #DKcontest

It’s important that you include the URL and the #DKcontest tag so that I can collect all entries easily. You may enter each method once a day all week; I will choose one winner from both the Twitter entries and the blog comment entries to give away two bars of the Clean of Kong soap. I’ll run the contest for a couple days and see how it goes, closing by week’s end. Contest open to U.S. residents only, sorry!

Tell your friends! RT like crazy! Comment away! Spread the love <3 Good luck :)

And special love & thanks to @CapSteveRogers for his help & inspiration with the final finishing touches of this project <3

Come get GEEKSOAP in person at Gen Con!

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You know you wanna head to Gen Con in Indianapolis from August 5 – 8, 2010… because not only is it “the original, longest running, best attended gaming convention in the world for over 40 years”,  you can come pick up some awesome GEEKSOAP for yourself in person right at the G33Kmade booth; 2732! And then there’s a G33Kmade Tweet Up… so even if you don’t have tickets to get in to Gen Con you can still come hang out in downtown Indianapolis!

–> Grab all of the G33Kmade booth details and Tweet Up information! <–

soapstonesBasically, we’ll be at booth 2732 and you’re gonna find awesome soaps by me, @KyleeLane, and other handmade goodies from @GEEKLEETIST, @VictoriaTheGerm, and @GeekyLyndsay there, too! As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, G33Kmade is a company that Kylee and I started together to help spread the love and support of handmade geekery because that’s the way it should be. Showcasing and celebrating other handmade geek and helping them get their stories and inspiration out there for all the world to see!

Want more excitement? @UberDorkGirlie (of the amazing @UberDorkCafe that I mentioned previously that you NEED to support! Give the gift of geek!) will be in attendance at the Tweet Up, so if you want to meet the dream in person you just have to be there!

Be sure to check out the official post over on G33Kmade for all the Gen Con details. Hope to see you at Gen Con!

Introducing Soapstone GEEKSOAP!

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Ahhhhh… I’m back in Indiana after a 10 day hiatus to Canada with a little time spent in Seattle, WA along the way. Lucas and I had a fantastic time and spent our anniversary in a beautiful bed and breakfast on the ocean near Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island to kick off our Canada Summer 2010 Tour. After a few days of relaxing we headed over to stay with family in Vancouver and see the city, followed by a pass through Chilliwack and on to the wonderful Penticton, BC, where Lucas grew up. We enjoyed some beach time and got to see family and friends there, too. We flew in and out of Seattle, WA, so we made sure to head back to Seattle a day and a half before our flight so that we could experience all of the fun that downtown and the waterfront had to offer. We seriously could’ve used another couple days there. What a great time!

Of course, being gone for 10 days meant I had a huge backlog of orders waiting for my personal attention when I returned, and I truly appreciate everyone for being so understanding with me being out of the country and all! I’ve gotten back on schedule right away, and I’m working on your orders as quickly as I can. :) And getting right back into the swing of prepping for Gen Con. Can you believe it’s just over a month away! Still lots of soapy goodness to work on, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

So… let’s introduce my newest soap already. (It’s like I can read your mind, right?) *drum roll* … Introducing the Soapstone! Some backstory first, k? I have had a very lengthy relationship with WoW, dating back to January 2005. (I tried EQ2 in Nov 2004 first… you can see how long that lasted since I had moved on by January.) Besides just plain playing, I’ve been featured twice on the official World of Warcraft website front page, and for over 2 years I wrote for Mentor Media/38 Studios as a paid staff writer and then editor with the Azeroth Advisor. I had a brief stint with WoWHead but was too busy to keep up and had taken a break from the game for a bit. I’ve taken breaks off and on in the more than 5 years I’ve played, but Azeroth always calls me back… and my most recent return brings the Soapstone along with it. Lucky you!

The concept of this soap design in particular is nothing new – I’ve always been inspired by ManaPrincess/Amethyst Soap and their hearthstone designs, but for the longest time I kept telling my customers I’d not make one because it had “already been done before.” I take great pride in the fact that ALL of my previous soap designs are unique and original – not only in the construction of how I do some of my signature soap, but before me there was no such thing as Dr. Who soap, or Game Cartridge soap. Or D20 Soap on a Rope, or Cthulhu soap… just to give a few of the many examples. Then it was brought to my attention that these crafty people were no longer creating and/or selling their hearthstone soap. That’s when I approached the previous makers because I wanted to create my own vision that depicted what *I* thought a hunk of carved stone would look and smell like. This means I’m not competing with either person’s sales or trying to take any of the credit for their idea. Special thanks to Margaret of Amethyst Soap – she has been a completely amazing person to work with as I designed my own unique handcarved version. Her support meant a lot in my quest to capture the essence of “home” in a bar of soap.  Thankfully I completed the quest successfully, and was rewarded with an epic shower and smelling great. Yes!

Anyway, even though I’m busy busy busy I couldn’t resist unveiling something new. I love it. :) There’s more new stuff coming very soon – my Baththulhu Cthulhu Bath Mitt (which will make the fourth of my original Cthulhu designs!) comes out Monday and is part of a giveaway over at Cthulhu Chick plus I have at least 2 other completely new and original soap designs you won’t find anywhere else headed your way in the coming weeks. Once I work out the kinks with them and get around to casting molds hehe. :)

OH! And before I forget… I’ve been tweeting about it, but want to make sure I cover it wherever I can… my Ninja Turtle GEEKSOAP Guest Soap set is ready to be released, but instead of just releasing it per usual, I’ve given my friend Tommy over at @SaturdayMorning (Saturday Morning Central) the very first set to give away in a fun TMNT contest they’re hosting! So not only do I have the new Soapstone out and 2 new soaps announced on the way, I am also finally debuting the Ninja Turtle soap via contest! Once the winner has received their set from Saturday Morning Central’s contest, I’ll release the soap in my store so it can finally be made available to the masses. :) Get over there and enter the contest already, you know you want to!

Thanks for all of your love and support! It’s people like YOU and the awesome comments and stories you send my way that keep inspiring me to make more and be the best that I can be for you, the customer. Thanks! <3