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Posted on October 2, 2008 ,

I’ve received many emails over the past couple years asking me some more specific questions about the digital scrapbooking software I use: My Memories Suite.  One of the more recent emails I got asked a lot of good questions that I realized aren’t very obvious based on the company’s website ad and product video.  They’re more technical use questions that aren’t modeled on the infomercial or explained on the site for someone who may be trying to check out the program’s capabilities before buying.  Now that I have been using this amazing software since 2007, I felt inspired to create some video tutorials that cover some of the more important aspects of the program and some of the common questions I’ve been asked about it. If you have suggestions on content or questions you’d like me to cover in a tutorial, let me know!

Click here to access all of my My Memories Suite software tutorials!

And speaking of My Memories Suite, I have been honoured by the software company to be able to give all of my Pink Toque Craft Blog readers a 20% discount for My Memories Suite V6. This discount will work if you’re buying Version 6 fresh or if you already have previous versions and you’re looking for a deal on the upgrade cost. You’ll also get an additional $10 to use in the MMS online store! Click here to receive the discount and use coupon/promo code STMMMS21122 at the link: My Memories Suite Version 6  SAVE 20% off Regular Pricing PLUS get $10 to spend in the online MMS shop, ORDER NOW!

In addition to My Memories Suite, I am hoping to build on my repetoire of tutorials for other crafty things as well. In addition to my software tutorials, this may include some digital scrapbooking or design tutorials or a tutorial on making bottlecap photo magnets, for example.  If you’re interested in all of the craft tutorials I’ve created, check out the link below.

Click here to access all of my other craft tutorials.

Please note that any tutorial on my site is copyright to Lesley A. Karpiuk (that’s me!) and cannot be copied or posted anywhere else without my permission.  Please send others to the direct links if you wish to share the tutorials; don’t copy them!  I’d be more than happy to answer any questions about any of the tutorials you find here on The Pink Toque Craft Blog, so please don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions or if something is unclear.  If you think of other tutorials you’d like me to do, I’d love to hear your suggestions!