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Posted on September 22, 2008 ,

I design various freebies for digital scrapbooking in my spare time.  When I have new freebies to give away I post them to my blog, which is picked up by DigiFree.  This page serves as an intro to my freebies and a quick search by the tag/category “freebies” to compile all of the freebies available on my craft blog in one place to make searching through them easier for you.

Please note that all of my freebies are for personal, non-commercial use only.  This means you are free to use my freebies that you download for your personal projects, but you are not allowed to make money off of them, sell them, re-distribute them, or otherwise make them available in any other way.  If you use my freebies in your personal work that you submit somewhere online (like scrapbook.com for example) or to a publication, you must credit me for any portion of the freebies you use, even if you’ve altered the size or color. You are free to alter my freebies to suit your scrapping needs in relation to size, angle, color, etc. but you can never claim any of my freebies as your own; this includes altered graphics as well.  Remember that all contents of any of the freebies that you download are copyrighted to me and I reserve all rights to them always.

That is just the short version of my freebie terms of use (TOU).  To read the full version, click HERE.  These TOU are included in every file you download from me.  If you have any questions about my terms of use, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

By clicking this link, you are acknowledging my personal use terms and will abide by them.

Please note that I do have a commercial use freebie or two ready or in the making for future release.  My commercial use (CU) items are clearly marked with “commercial use” or “CU ok!” all over them. Even commercial use items still have terms attached, however; while you are able to use those specified freebies commercially (for personal gain, as in you can use them to make items that you can then sell/make money off of, etc.) you still must credit me when you use those items. To read my full CU TOU, click HERE. Most of my freebies are personal use, but those that are commercial use will be very obviously marked and will come with CU TOU included. Again, if you have any questions or are unsure of the limits of the TOU with the freebie you downloaded, contact me.

And even though real pirates are cool (yarrr), don’t support graphic piracy.  It’s just not cool.  Credit should go to Lesley Karpiuk of The Pink Toque, https://www.thepinktoque.com or some variation thereof.  Thanks for respecting my hard work and terms of use.  Enjoy the freebies!