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Ellie the Sock Elephant

Posted in Sewing , on May 20, 2007 , Leave a Comment

Meet Ellie, a sock elephant!

Lisa of Q.D. Patooties made the tutorial and I just picked out great kiddie socks and followed it. Lucas’ mom loves the color blue and collects elephants, so when I found these socks I knew it was just meant to be.

It’s May long weekend in celebration of Victoria Day on Monday here in Canada, so I’m enjoying a relaxing weekend before I head out to Indiana next week. I leave early Thursday morning, so I’ve got a couple days to finish a few projects up before then. This weekend I made Ellie, a little dog bed/pillow to give to my brother and his fiancee for their two new Dachshund puppies, and I made a new bag for one of Lucas’ co-workers based on an old bag that she had. I’m trying to think ahead, and Father’s Day is the next big thing coming up that I need to craft for… we get back from Indiana on June 7, and Father’s Day is a little over a week after that, so I need to plan now to ensure whatever I make will get to my dad on time due to shipping. I was thinking about trying to learn how to make felt or fleece slippers, so maybe that’s what I’ll do!

See you in a few weeks!