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More Huugs to Feature!

Posted in Featured, Knit & Crochet , on July 31, 2008 , Leave a Comment

A few months ago I designed a free pattern for a knitted stuffed monster that I dubbed Huug the Hug Monster©. Since then several people have made their own version, and I love featuring them! Sophia Dembling recently made a Huug of her own, which turned into a hilarious ordeal involving her Huug’s face. I love it when I see the way others create something, because no two Huugs are ever the same! Sophia did a little experimentation on her Huug’s face which turned into what she calls a disaster, but I call cute! Though I do have to agree with her — the face and the Huug body separate were adorable. Together… well… not so much ;) This photo is copyright to Sophia and her permission was given to share the picture.

Emma also wrote me to tell me about a Huug she made for her boyfriend because they were going to be apart for awhile. She told me that having a Huug to give her boyfriend helped make that time where they were unable to be together more bearable. Stories like this warm my heart and inspire me to make more freebies such as free knitting patterns and digital scrapbooking freebies to share. I’m glad to know that something that took shape in my mind and turned into a fun little knitting project brought joy to someone else. Be sure to check out these fabulous knitters and a big special THANK YOU for your emails :)