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Max's Huug the Hug Monster©, by Phyllis

Posted in Featured, Knit & Crochet , on March 26, 2008 , 1 Comment

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It’s so exciting when people find and try out my amateurish patterns. It’s even more exciting when they share their creations with me, and I get to see someone else’s take on the idea. Today was one such exciting day, and I’m very pleased to feature Phyllis Ray’s version of Huug the Hug Monster©, a free pattern I invented and posted a few weeks back. He is very unique, no? :)

Phyllis sent me an email today, complete with pictures, to share her own version of Huug that she made for her grandson, Max Marcussen! Isn’t he adorable?! (Both Max and Huug!) Phyllis and her grandson live in Connecticut, and the three-eyed hug monster was a big hit with Max. Phyllis says that she has four grandchildren, so there will most likely be more Huugs in her future! That sure is a lot of hugs! :)

The images in this blog post belong to/are copyright to Phyllis Ray, who kindly granted me permission to use the photos that she sent me for this blog feature. Thanks so much for sharing your work, Phyllis! I loved seeing another Huug made, and am even happier to see the smile on Max’s face :) Take care!

One Response to “Max's Huug the Hug Monster©, by Phyllis”

  1. Sisterly Knits says:

    Heehee, it has big teeth, but still no cuter than the original. I think I’m going to suggest this to my sister…she just picked up some Red Heart Orange yarn.