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Fabulous Resources & I Was Featured!

Posted in Miscellaneous , on March 1, 2009 , 5 Comments

Tweet! Tweet!

I wanted to share some really neat resources I’ve been lucky enough to be made aware of recently. First of all, I’m twittering!  Yes that’s right, I have become hip and have started leaving little tweets about things going on in life, both crafty and otherwise!  It’s oddly satisfying. If you want to follow me on twitter (or want me to follow you on twitter!) check me out at http://www.twitter.com/pinktoque :) There are SO many crafty people already out there sharing their tweets, and I really like trying to keep up — I see so many neat crafts and cool things that way… it’s very inspiring!

This week I learned about a great online printing service called Viovio.com. Viovio.com was shared with me by one of my blog readers, Sarah, who says, “I’ve really had a great experience with them.  One of the first books I ordered had a wrinkle in it and they replaced it free of charge since it was their mistake.  Also, they print 12×12 pages (loose) for $.75…The cheapest I have found.” Wait, did she say $.75 per full-colour 12″x12″ sheet? That’s insane! So I went over and checked it out, signed up, etc. The latest from Sarah is, “I should be getting my fourth order from viovio this weekend.  I’ve order a 12×12, 10×10, 8.5×8.5 and recently ordered loose 12×12.  LOL  I’ve seen a good variety.  I like the paper used for the 10×10 and bigger best, but the 8.5*8.5 is cheap and makes a good gift book.” Can’t beat prices and customer service like that! Say hello to my new favourite online printing service!

The last site I want to share is ArtFire.com — it’s like Etsy, but free! No listing fees and no fees when you sell things. Of course there is a free user and premium user choice when you sign up, and the premium user naturally gets more options when setting up their online studio (how many pictures you can put up, how many items can be for sale at one time), but… for someone like me that just wants to sell a little here and there when I have it, it’s great and… free. This has inspired me to try and get some things up soon when I have a chance. I’ll let you know when I’m all set up and actually have something available to sell!

Oh and WOW I just have to share… I was honoured to realize that my custom handpainted Mahjong set that I made for Lucas for Valentine’s day (see previous entry) was chosen as one of the Feb 19 featured projects on craftster! This makes me blush! I’m so glad people have enjoyed it :) Check me out on the front page!

And there you have it this weekend! I feel bad that I have a pretty pink Huug the Hug Monster © that is just sitting there waiting to be finished (along with that sweater I’d started working on a month ago) but work has been busy and I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day on the weekend to get everything done! More crafty stuff coming soon, I promise :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

5 Responses to “Fabulous Resources & I Was Featured!”

  1. Sarah says:

    Congrats on the recognition!!

  2. Lesley says:

    thanks!! and thanks for passing along such a great resource to us all!

  3. claire says:

    Congrats on the feature, that’s awesome :) I remember looking at the mahjong set and thinking it was perty, I didn’t notice it was yours!

  4. Lesley says:

    Thanks, Claire! How have you been and what’s new? My job keeps me swamped! I feel like I blog more about crafty stuff elsewhere than showing what I’ve been doing lately because work consumes me so!

  5. KnitPurlGurl says:

    Congrats on your feature!! I left you an invitation on my KnitPurlGurl blog!! Check it out: http://knitpurlgurl.blogspot.com