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Contest: Win a Complete Set of Game of Thrones GEEKSOAP!

Posted in Contests , on March 19, 2012 , 15 Comments

Woohoo! Can you believe that Season 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones is less than two weeks away?! When Season 1 ended, it seemed like spring 2012 was FOREVER away. I devoured all of the books and it STILL felt like there was an eternity to wait. FINALLY… the wait is ALMOST over. I can hardly stand it!

To make your wait easier, I’ve decided to introduce the newest house soap in the Game of Foams GEEKSOAP series: House Targaryen!  I hand-carved and molded the Targaryen design myself, and am so proud to finally share and release my newest creation. But before the official release of the soap AND Season 2 on April 1, I wanted to personally give away a complete set of the house soaps to make the start of Season 2 that much better. As if you weren’t already excited enough already!

But before I start yammering on about the contest rules and yadda yadda, tell me about the soap?! You’ll receive one each of the three house designs:

Stark - Winter is coming… be the one true clean in the north by siding with the Starks.
Sigil: Grey wolf on winter white
Scent: Betrayal. A crisp combination of pine, cedar, and eucalyptus with just a hint of campfire to capture the essence of the wintry north.

Lannister – Hear me roar and always pay your debts to cleanliness.
Sigil: Golden lion on crimson
Scent: Pride. A sweet, earthy blend of patchouli, plumeria, and orange; rich and manipulative.

Targaryen (NEW! Not even available for purchase yet in the store!) – Fire and blood cleanses all.
Sigil: Scarlet dragon on pitch black
Scent: Dragon’s blood. A fiery blend of amber, myrrh, sandalwood, and a hint of patchouli. Powerful enough to wake the dragon.

Ok enough already! How do I enter?

The rules are simple; check out the Rafflecopter entry form below to get started. The contest will run from 12:01 am March 19 – 12:01 am March 24. (So Monday – Friday.) One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all entries received, so the more you enter, the better your chances of winning! The winner’s soap will ship out ASAP in an effort to arrive before April 1 so that you have your set in time for the official start of Season 2. Note that you must use the Rafflecopter form below to ensure each of your entries are tracked!

Each method of entry – blog post comments, tweets, “likes” on Facebook, pins on Pinterest, etc. – are worth one entry each. And most methods of entry you can do once per day to give you even more chances to win this awesome set of three hand-carved Game of Thrones soaps! Each house has their own unique scent to carry you away to Westeros and across the Narrow Sea. Got questions? Email me! GOOD LUCK!! <3

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15 Responses to “Contest: Win a Complete Set of Game of Thrones GEEKSOAP!”

  1. Missy says:

    I wanna see Baratheon House next. :3

  2. Maria Selke (@mselke01) says:

    I want to see Greyjoy. That would make a cool looking soap!

  3. Ron O. says:

    I agree, Greyjoy would be a pretty cool soap design!

  4. Brontae Armstrong says:

    Darthracki do it please please please

  5. Dinahsaur says:

    Heck yes!!! Totally would love some of these to add to my stash of Geek Soaps!

  6. Larissa says:

    I think House Arryn would look amazing as soap!

  7. anna says:

    I wanna see greyjoy!

  8. Andrea says:

    House Tyrell! House of roses. <3

  9. Katie says:

    These are some of the coolest soaps I have ever seen. And I’m voting Tully, all the way.

  10. Bekki says:


  11. Brianna L. says:

    Would love to see a Baratheon or Tully soap! :)

  12. Ellen says:

    So sad I missed the giveaway! My boyfriend would love these! I guess I’ll hit up your shop! (and pin them to Pinterest of course!

  13. Lauren says:

    These are so creative! Although I’m going to be “that guy” and point out that House Targaryen’s sigil is actually a 3-headed dragon. You very easily could’ve known that though, 3 heads would be hard for a soap! Or it could be different on the TV show, I’ve never watched it.

    Also if you are taking suggestions, I’d like House Martell :)

    • Lesley says:

      I’m a HUGE Game of Thrones fan… I really wanted to make the sigil a 3 headed dragon, but in a 3″ x 3″ space, handcarving it in soap just wasn’t going to happen. :( I’ll have to think about Martell! Thank you :)