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Another Font and a Blog Award

Posted in Freebies, Scrapbooking , on November 4, 2008 , 4 Comments
LesleyK Print Personal Use Font

LesleyK Print Personal Use Font

Hi everyone :)

Today I wanted to share a very generous blog award that I received from my friend Nani over at The Chronicles of Nani: the Kreativ Blogger award!

The award calls for me listing 7 things that I love and passing it on to 7 people who I think deserve it. First, my seven things:

1. football (go Bears!)
2. hockey (go Flames!)
3. my boys: Lucas, Oliver and Winston
4. snuggling
5. cadbury chocolate
6. my computer
7. crafts

And now… I pass the award along to 7 people, in no particular order:

1. vicki’s blog: a work in progress
2. crafting with cat hair
3. aunt judyL’s house
4. delicious scraps
5. pillowgirl
6. scrap paper scissors
7. star scraps

Congrats! Also today I wanted to release another freebie font — this time it’s for PERSONAL USE ONLY (my last one was commercial use but this one is just personal use please) and it’s called LesleyK Print — coming in regular and bold print :) I made this one myself, too, and it’s of my actual handwriting!  How cool is that? :) I hope you enjoy it.

Download my LesleyK Print personal use freebie font HERE.

Are you watching the U.S. elections? We are! Guess we’ll all know very soon who the next president will be. Anyway, see you back here Friday (my husband’s birthday!) for another fun freebie :)  Take care!

4 Responses to “Another Font and a Blog Award”

  1. Nani says:

    This is one of those creativity hot=spots on the web! You SO deserved that award! :)

    I’m jealous! You’re handwriting is so nice! Mine is NOT worth making a font out of! LOL

  2. Lesley says:

    LOL you are WAY too generous!! :) I would’ve sent the award back to you, but I didn’t want you to have to make another list of 7 things, etc. hehe.

  3. Tammy says:


  4. Knitpurgurl says:

    OMG – I was peeping through your blog, looking for freebies I may have forgotten to download, when I noticed that you gave me this award! I’ll have to post it on my blog ASAP!.. Thanks for the warm fuzzies!!