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Posted in Plush , on February 20, 2010 , 1 Comment

Forget sock monkeys — what YOU need is an original Sock-thulhu!

Sock-thulhus are wonderfully soft Cthulhu plushes created à la sock monkey from fuzzy chenille-style socks. They were designed with love and care and are truly one-of-a-kind. Stuffed with polyfill and light cardboard for stability in the wings. Not meant to be washed.

Sock-Thulhus are a registered character and pattern copyright to Lesley A. Karpiuk of the Pink Toque Craft Blog. Available for sale on Etsy.

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  1. […] up how I would make a Cthulhu “sock monkey” using some fuzzy chenille socks I had. The Sock-Thulhus that resulted were so adorable and popular, but I found it hard to find enough of the socks to keep […]