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Mustache GEEKSOAP Geek Soap

Posted in Soap , on March 28, 2010 , Leave a Comment

You have to admit, mustaches are the epitome of geek cool. Ok maybe not, but they are pretty darn awesome. It doesn’t get much cooler than your soap sporting a ‘stache, though. And that’s where I come in, with my mustache soap designs. Currently three to choose from; classic (most popular), handlebar, and bushy.

GEEKSOAP is handmade from natural, pure vegetable glycerin and moisturizers, enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Soaps are lightly scented with a clean, invigorating smell and come shrink-wrapped to seal in freshness and allow you to keep the soap on display until you’re ready to use it. GEEKSOAP is vegan friendly!

Size: 5 – 6.5oz bar depending on shape, with varying dimensions of at least 3″x3″x1.25″

This is just one design of many in my GEEKSOAP line and/or FANSOAP division. Check out the Soap category for more. My fun soaps are available for purchase at http://www.geeksoap.net

GEEKSOAP is geek soap for the internet. Soap for geeks; just pure geeky soap!