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Embedded D20 GEEKSOAP Geek Soap

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My D20 GEEKSOAP always scores a critical hit against bad body odor. Because even D&D players need to pull themselves away from the game every once in awhile to bathe…

This is one of THREE D20 bars in the GEEKSOAP line:
See my GIANT D20 soap
See my D20 Massage soap

These bars of GEEKSOAP are 3″x3″x1.25″ and weigh 5 ounces (plus dice.)

GEEKSOAP is handmade from natural, pure vegetable glycerin and moisturizers, enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Soaps are lightly scented with a clean, invigorating smell and come shrink-wrapped to seal in freshness and allow you to keep the soap on display until you’re ready to use it. GEEKSOAP is vegan friendly!

This is just one design of many in my GEEKSOAP line. Check out the Soap category for more. My fun soaps are available for purchase at http://www.geeksoap.net

GEEKSOAP is geek soap for the internet. Soap for geeks; just pure geeky soap!