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Flames Freebie Extravaganza Continues… Elements!

Posted in Freebies, Scrapbooking , on October 4, 2008 ,
Go Flames Go Element Pack Freebie Preview

Go Flames Go Element Pack Freebie Preview

So…. the trip to the mountains today was cancelled :(  The weather report was calling for clouds and rain all day out there, and so we have decided to push the trip to next weekend instead and hope for better weather.  With the two dogs out on the wet, rainy trails it would’ve been a mess in the car and cloudy skies wouldn’t do much for good photos of the fall colours, anyway.  Cross your fingers for next weekend!

Last night the Flames beat the stinky Oilers in overtime on their last pre-season game of the year! YAY!  Now the boys are off to relax and prep for their first regular season game in Vancouver on Thursday.  You, too can prep for the Flames’ first regular season game by downloading today’s freebie: the “Go Flames Go” Element pack!

Today’s freebie coordinates with the Go Flames Go paper pack I released yesterday, so be sure to nab it in case you missed it.  There are 30 elements in today’s set… everything from hockey sticks and polaroids of Iginla & Phaneuf to Flames logo clips and matching ric rac.  Don Cherry may even make a little guest appearance in today’s kit ;)  Don’t forget everything is for personal use only and the TOU are included in the download.

Download “Go Flames Go” Element pack HERE!

Enjoy your freebie and hope to see you back here tomorrow for the final part of the Flames Freebie Extravaganza: a quick page (or two!) :) Take care and happy Saturday! GO FLAMES GO!

Flames Freebie Extravaganza! GO FLAMES GO

Posted in Freebies, Scrapbooking , on October 3, 2008 ,

Go Flames Go PAPERS preview

Go Flames Go PAPERS preview

It’s Friday, and you know what that means… Freebie Friday here at the pink toque craft blog!  And this Friday is kicking off a three day extravaganza of freebies… GO FLAMES GO!

This weekend is the first official regular season start of the 2008-2009 NHL hockey season, and so of course to celebrate I’ve created a kit for the Calgary Flames, our favourite team!  The three days will consist of papers, elements and quick page(s), given away Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.  Currently I have one quick page made but I hope to find time to make a second one to go along with the first.

Today I’m giving away the papers, and there are six of them.  I really love the scratched hockey ice rink ones and the Flames horse head logo paper.  They’re sweet!  Be sure to check back tomorrow to grab the element pack — there are 30 of them!

Download the “Go Flames Go” paper pack HERE!

I may end up uploading the elements a little early and do them late this evening or instead just late tomorrow evening; Lucas and I are taking the dogs out into the mountains tomorrow to see the beautiful fall colours before they are covered in snow (if they aren’t already!) and so I’ll be gone most of the day.  I won’t forget you or the element pack, though!  See you tomorrow :)  Enjoy the papers!  And remember… GO FLAMES GO!  Happy Hockey Season :)


Posted in Knit & Crochet , on September 29, 2008 ,
My new knitting tote

My new knitting tote

Last week I received an email from Michaels with a make-your-own-50%-off-sale coupon (as did everyone else on their mailing list) and Lucas treated me to a shopping spree on Saturday.  Wow am I a lucky girl!  I used the 50% off coupon on something I’ve needed for a long time … a knitting bag.  I’ve been pining for one of the Ravelry totes but it’s on my Christmas list.  The fact that I needed something useful for carrying my WIPs around became very apparent this past Thursday when the first official meeting of the SE Calgary Knit & Crochet group took place.  We organized on Ravelry.  It started with me looking on the Calgary discussion board for any groups that were already meeting way down in the SE.  It turned out that there weren’t any, so once it became apparent that there were several showing real interest in the idea, we just decided to make our own.  We met at a local Starbucks and it was really great!  There were four of us total with one other confirmed to be there next month along with a possible sixth member, too.  It was a great way to meet and get to know

luscious yarn!

luscious yarn!

each other. As I was getting ready for my first knit-and-crochet-in-public social event, I realized I was carrying my current WIP (a baby blanket for the Ckalieys) around in a Safeway bag.  Sad.  I managed to scrounge up something for Thursday but I was elated to pick up a real knitting travel bag at Michaels with my coupon and it’s so handy!  Just look how pretty!

And that’s not all I got at Michaels.  I’ve been carrying around a tattered yarn wish (read: need) list in my purse for all the yarn required to make the Christmas gift items on my to do list this season.  Most of it was on sale and so I picked up more yarn in that one trip than I’ve bought over the last several months combined. Needless to say, it was an exciting day :)  Just look at all of that luscious yarn!

screenie of My Memories Suite in action

screenie of My Memories Suite in action

I’ve got several digital scrapping freebies ready to give away (I’m glad everyone liked the CU paper edgers from yesterday!) but also on the horizon are some tutorials for working with the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software I use.  I’ve gotten a few emails lately from users asking about its features after they read my review, and now that I’ve had the software for nearly a year and have been using it extensively, I think some tutorials would be a great idea.  Inspired by an email I got today, I’m already working on a basic features intro and a tips and tricks for layering paper tutorial.  I know it won’t be of much use to those of you who don’t use My Memories Suite, but perhaps the free videos will inspire you and get you excited enough about the software that you’ll want to pick it up for yourself! :)  I really can’t rave enough about it.

So that’s what’s new on the crafting front.  See you back here soon for more freebies later in the week and some software tutorials.  And with all of that great yarn I just got, you can be sure there will be some more WIPs to share in the very near future :)  Have a great week! :heart:

My First CU Freebie: Paper Edger Templates

Posted in Freebies, Scrapbooking , on September 28, 2008 ,
My CU Paper Edgers Freebie Set

My CU Paper Edgers Freebie Set

As I promised yesterday, I’m back with my very first commercial use freebie for you today :) Yesterday I gave away the beautiful Fall Foliage Textured Edger Papers (see below) which are personal use only, HOWEVER, the templates I used to create those gorgeous papers are what I’ve got to give away today, and they are commercial use! Feel free to use the edgers to create your own unique papers by adding your own overlays and colours to them.  The edger templates are for commercial use as mentioned, but be sure to read the CU TOU included (or you can read about them here) because it’s a new set of terms for my freebies, being my first CU giveaway.  Basically the only major thing to keep in mind (besides the obvious… don’t pass them off as your own templates or re-distribute them) is that while you can use the templates to create your own papers to use commercially, be sure to give credit where credit is due when you use them.  It’s only right ;)

My Fall Foliage Texture Edged Papers

I used the CU templates to create these papers, given away yesterday here on my blog!

So in case you missed yesterday’s beautiful Fall Foliage papers (see left), rush back and nab them here.  In today’s CU freebie pack you’ll find 12 unique edger templates and a sample paper that I made with one of the edgers so you get an idea of what you can do with the templates.  The pink grungy sample paper in the download is yours to keep and use how you wish (within the TOU) as well :) And you don’t just have to make paper with these templates, either!  I made them 3600 pixels tall by default so that it was easy for paper makers, but the templates can be resized and used as edges on anything you can imagine, from notepapers to journal tags and everything in between.  Get creative!  Simply add them to what you want to edge, apply your chosen colour to the shape and then add a decorative overlay to give it character. Just like the Fall Foliage papers!  And Voila! You’ve now got something unique to use in your kits, give away, or scrap with.

What are you waiting for?  Download my CU Paper Edger Templates HERE!  And be sure to show some love here on my blog if you download.  I love to hear your comments, and they help me to grow as a digi scrapping designer.  Thanks!

Hope you’ve had a nice weekend :) I have plenty of other freebies coming your way over the next week, so I’ll see you back here soon <3

Fall Foliage Edger Papers Freebie

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My Fall Foliage Textured Edged Papers

My Fall Foliage Textured Edged Papers

DigiFree picked me up at this new blog address today so the move actually feels complete now, yay!  In celebration of my new craft blog location and the official move, I’ve got a little fall themed freebie for you.  This is a very special freebie because tomorrow I’ll be releasing my very first commercial use freebie ever, which will be a set of templates that I used to create these lovely personal use Fall Foliage Edger Papers I’m giving you today.  So today you can snag this PU freebie to see what you can do when you get your hands on my CU edge templates freebie tomorrow!  This set includes 5 edged and textured papers in 5 beautiful fall colours and will complement your fall layouts beautifully this month.  They were created as 3600 x 3600 pixels, but one side is a bit shorter to accommodate the decorative edge.  Layer them in your layouts for a distinctive autumn flair. I really love the orange leafy one and the brown retro-ish circles one :)

Download my Fall Foliage Textured Edger Papers HERE.

My CU Paper Edgers Freebie

My CU Paper Edgers Freebie

Stay tuned tomorrow — you won’t want to miss the set of cu templates!  Want a sneak peak?  Of course you do!  Tomorrow’s cu freebie will include 12 edgers that you can use for just about anything.  They’re can easily be used with an overlay along the edge of your scrapping paper to create fabulous decorative-cut paper like the ones I’m giving away today.  I’ve also added a bonus paper in the kit using one of the edgers you’ll get as an example of one way you can use them.  I went for something pink and grungy, which seems to be very popular these days :wink: See you back here tomorrow!

Celebrating the Blog Move with a QP Freebie!

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Freebie Friday at the pink toque craft blog

Preview of my Sushi Bar Quick Page - kit by Irene Alexeeva

Preview of my Sushi Bar Quick Page - kit by Irene Alexeeva

You’re going to want to update your bookmarks… The pink toque craft blog has officially moved to its new location at http://craftblog.pinktoque.com.  Please make a note of it and update your bookmarks!

Obviously a lot has changed around here in the past 24 hours or so!  I decided to switch my blog over to a WordPress hosted blog versus the old Blogger format and site I was using previously.  By hosting the craft blog myself using WordPress’ engine I have total control over themes, layout and design.  Speaking of which, I hope you like the new layout. :smile: The theme is called “Desk Mess” by Laptop Geek, but as you can see, I made a lot of graphic changes to it so that it looks more like what my crafty desk “mess” looks like. ;) Some things around here are the same just in a new format, such as the navigation on the right, but two new things I’ve put together include the pages that you can access across the top of the site.  One is for my freebies which talks about my TOU and compiles all of my freebies in one spot so you can quickly sift through anything I’ve given away on my blog previously.  You can also read a little bit more about me on the about page. Fun stuff!

Anyway, to celebrate the blog move I of course have a freebie for you.  I loved the Sushi Bar freebie kit by Irene Alexeeva so much (mmmmmm sushi!) that I decided to create a quick page with it.  Please note that the freebie is for personal use only and all of the graphics used are from Irene’s kit and not designed by myself.  Only the layout was designed by me.  Included in the freebie package you’ll find Irene’s TOU along with mine and the preview image of her Sushi Bar kit that you can get from her blog.

Prepare for more freebies ahead this week as I give away more and more stuff in celebration of the new blog host and format.  Please be patient as I’m still tweaking a few things, though.  I think I successfully exported everything from Blogger and imported it here with WordPress properly, including all of my previous posts and any comments, but if you see anything strange or missing please don’t hesitate to let me know!  That also brings me to my final note … with the blog hosting move I’ve also changed my craft blog email address.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to direct them to craftblog at pinktoque dot com .

:lol: I almost forgot, you can download the Sushi Bar Quick Page HERE!  And be sure to go over to Irene’s blog to nab her beautiful Sushi Bar kit to go with it.  Hope you have a great week!  See you back here real soon with more goodies to give away.