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A New Storefront for The Pink Toque!

Posted in Miscellaneous , on October 4, 2010 ,

The Pink Toque shopI have some exciting news for The Pink Toque! A lot of you know that I’ve been around blogging about my crafty endeavors for over four years now. In fact, it was four years ago this month that I opened my Etsy store and started selling purses, bags and custom plush. When I designed The Cthulhu Toque and its companions the Baby Cthulhu Toque and the Sockthulhu plush, they were sold in the Etsy store, too. Last fall and winter were the first BIG seasons for my Cthulhu crochet creations; though I had designed the toque before then, it didn’t take off until the seasonally cool weather set in. Now that we’re starting to experience some cooler temperatures and we’ve officially said goodbye to summer this year, I’ve been getting requests again to have the Cthulhu Toque available, and I’ve also seen an increase in its pattern sales on Ravelry this past month. I’d been playing with some new Cthulhu crochet designs recently, and so this year I decided to create a new storefront just for my geeky fiber arts creations and release some new accessories there, too!

Introducing… The Pink Toque shop! No longer am I using Etsy to sell any of my stuff. The new shop is in addition to my GEEKSOAP storefront at geeksoap.net – most of you already know that GEEKSOAP is just one storefront of mine that’s strictly my line of original handmade geeky soap, and the Cthulhu Bath Mitt since that logically goes with soap. However, The Pink Toque shop is a new and separate storefront hosted on BigCartel instead of Etsy, and there you’ll find my Cthulhu Toque, the Baby Cthulhu Toque, and some new and exciting crochet designs of mine… such as the Scarfthulhu Cthulhu Scarf and coming soon… Cthulhu Mittens!

Scarfthulhu Cthulhu scarf Scarfthulhu Cthulhu scarf Scarfthulhu Cthulhu scarf Scarfthulhu Cthulhu scarf Scarfthulhu Cthulhu scarf Scarfthulhu Cthulhu scarf

Wait, a Scarfthulhu Cthulhu Scarf?! Yes, that’s what I said. Isn’t it awesome? Both ends of this 63″ (over 5 ft!) original scarf feature 100% handmade tentacled Cthulhu goodness that will keep even your soul warm and protected from the elements. Or maybe it squeezes your soul right out of you; I forget. Either way, you can’t deny how cool it will make you look in the cool weather. And paired with the Cthulhu Toque? How can you go wrong?!

So now there are two places you can go to get your hands on some original creations of mine – geeksoap.net for soapy goodness and shop.thepinktoque.com for all of my geeky fiber designs. I think you’ll love the addition of the Scarfthulhu to kick off the additional store with something new, and the mittens will be fun, too! I’m still working out a few kinks with their design, but hope to have them up in the next month or so. That means you’ll soon be able to own an evil yet full and fashionable set of Cthulhu accessories to keep you warm this winter!

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Thanks for spreading the love :) Speaking of spreading the love… did you notice the adorable crochet Cthulhu doll that’s wrapped up in my Scarfthulhu? His name is Oscar, and he’s a creation made by Ruth of CthulhuChick.com. You can snag a Cthulhu doll of your very own in her shop! Oscar has attended two cons with me – Gen Con and Dragon Con – and he always loves a good adventure. At home he has a special place in my soap studio, watching over me as I work. When he’s not keeping an eye on soap, he’s causing mischief all over The Pink Toque shop, so be sure to look for him in the store when you’re there. :)

Remember to look for my creations in two places now! My handmade, vegan friendly geeky soap designs are still at geeksoap.net, and now you can find my original, wearable crochet Cthulhu accessories available at shop.thepinktoque.com. Hope you enjoy!