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My Handmade Soap

Posted in Soap , on February 24, 2010 ,

While my main focus is on the GEEKSOAPâ„¢ line, I do also make random designs in soap for non-geek purposes. The pictures in this post are just one-off designs I’ve created for others and given as gifts for a specific event or purpose. They are special requests or simply “just because” designs.

I will update this post with new one-off designs as I make them. These designs are not currently available for sale at http://www.geelsoap.net since I am not actively producing them, however, if you see something that strikes your fancy I would be happy to replicate the designs and make a special order of bars just for you.

I also take requests! My soaps would make a great gift or be a fantastic party favor and I can create just about any design that you’re looking for, including your company logo, in soap. Send me an email if you’d like to start working out custom order details.