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Binary GEEKSOAP 3D Massage Bar

Posted in Soap , on March 28, 2010 ,

There are 10 types of people in this world: those that understand binary and the importance of a good massaging bar of soap… and those that don’t. Finally, the one and only soap in the true language of geek. Because even geeks need to pull themselves away from their computer every once in awhile to bathe… now in solid colored glycerin, honey oat, oatmeal coffee scrub, and lemon poppyseed!

GEEKSOAP is handmade from natural, pure vegetable glycerin and moisturizers, enriched with aloe and vitamin E. Soaps are lightly scented with a clean, invigorating smell and come shrink-wrapped to seal in freshness and allow you to keep the soap on display until you’re ready to use it.  The unique raised 1s and 0s are perfect for massaging away the stresses of the day, geek style. The mold was custom designed and created by me so you can be sure that your soap is lovingly handmade and 100% one-of-a-kind. GEEKSOAP is vegan friendly! (Binary bars can come in a honey and oatmeal combo – those bars are up for interpretation on level of vegan-friendliness since they have a honey base.)

Binary bars weigh 5.5 ounces and are 3″x3″x2″.

The colored Binary GEEKSOAP bars come in a wide variety of colors including lemon, peach, pink, blue, lime, lilac, or seafoam.

In addition to the solid colored glycerin-based bars, there are three other varieties of the Binary GEEKSOAP Massage bar:

The powerful combination of the honey and oatmeal layers packs acne-fighting power, moisturization, and itch relief together in one amazingly geeky bar of soap. Scent: Honey Almond

The addition of fine grind coffee in the rich and luxurious oatmeal base provides a gentle scrubbing property to a bar which already provides skin moisturization and itch relief. Scent: Oatmeal, milk & Honey

This refreshing lemon scented bar is heavenly. It features real poppyseeds throughout, which adds a gentle scrubbing property to this soothing bar. A great exfoliant!

This is just one design of many in my GEEKSOAP line. Check out the Soap category for more. My fun soaps are available for purchase at http://www.geeksoap.net

The one and only Binary 3D GEEKSOAP Massage Bar of Soap The one and only Binary 3D GEEKSOAP Massage Bar of Soap

GEEKSOAP is geek soap for the internet. Soap for geeks; just pure geeky soap!