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Preview: Lila’s Digital Baby Scrapbook

Posted in Scrapbooking , on January 6, 2014 ,

With geeklette on the way next month, I finally took some time to sit down and get some digital scrapbooking done to prepare. Just like when we were expecting Liam, I created roughly 44 digital scrapbook pages from scratch. I created the pages one-at-a-time in Photoshop so that I could make them full 12″ x 12″ PNG Quick Pages to use within My Memories Suite. I’m really proud of how the pages turned out! If you compare to Liam’s baby book digital scrapbook, you can see that I modeled many of the pages for Lila’s book after his pages, but using different papers and embellishments. I also set up her month-by-month first year baby book in My Memories Suite as well, and this is also basically a copy of Liam’s first year book (one page a month for monthly milestone updates) with a few tweaks to make it personalized to her. I cannot wait to start filling pages with beautiful baby girl photos come February!

Lila’s Baby Book Digital Scrapbook Preview

Though My Memories Suite is on version 5 now, my old video tutorial back from version 1 about using Quick Pages in My Memories Suite still applies – I insert my Quick Page PNG files onto a blank MMS page as an embellishment. It’s important to use PNG files, because they have transparent openings for your photos to show through. After you add the Quick Page PNG file as a full-page embellishment, you add photo boxes via the software on top of the photo openings, add a photo, and then send the photo behind the page embellishment so that they peek through and look fabulous.

Looking for the best digital scrapbooking software ever? I can offer you a discount on purchasing My Memories Suite if you use promo code STMMMS21122 when checking out! I love that I can use all of the pre-built layouts, embellishments, pages, and papers that come with the software, or add my own external stuff… because there are tons of sites out there that sell their own digital scrapbooking kits that you can use within My Memories Suite seamlessly. Want the full scoop? Check out my review here.