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How to GROW Your Dragon GEEKSOAP Geek Soap

Posted in Soap , on September 30, 2010 ,

You already know how to train your dragon, but do you know how to acquire a dragon in the first place? GEEKSOAP has the answer: GROW ONE! For those who need their own dragon to train, this unique GEEKSOAP bar provides you with endless fun and allows you to grow your very own pet dragon right at home!

This original soap includes one random dragon toy embedded deep within a round soap egg. Simply use the soap to hatch your baby dragon! Once hatched, put your new pet dragon in water and watch it grow up to 600% its size! Makes for a fun, educational bathtime or anytime toy. Bring your dragon to life just by adding water!

These bars weigh a little over 5oz and have the dimensions of 3″x3″x1.25″.

GEEKSOAP is handmade from a combination of all natural & vegan friendly, hypoallergenic ingredients. How to GROW Your Dragon GEEKSOAP is scented with the gentle, soothing scent of lavender, which makes it the perfect just-before-bed bathtime soap for kids and a great unwind scent for parents! These soaps come wrapped to seal in freshness and allow you to keep them on display until use. GEEKSOAP is vegan friendly. Let me surprise you with a random dragon color or chose your own adventure!

How to GROW Your Dragon GEEKSOAP is soap that’s fun to use, and provides BONUS fun long after it’s finished. You will be able to continually re-grow your dragon pet over and over again! Intructions included with every bar of soap to ensure you get the most out of your new dragon pet.

Dragon toys are safe and non-toxic, but warning: since this small toy can pose as a choking hazard, this soap isnot suitable for children under 3 without supervision.

This is just one design of many in my GEEKSOAP line. Check out the Soap category for more. My fun soaps are available for purchase at http://www.geeksoap.net

How to Train Your Dragon geek soap How to Train Your Dragon geek soap How to Train Your Dragon geek soap How to Train Your Dragon geek soap How to Train Your Dragon geek soap

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