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My First Crochet Handbag

Posted in Knit & Crochet , on August 31, 2008 , 4 Comments

So I found a great pattern on the Lion Brand website for a Crochet Handbag, by Drew Emborsky. It’s such a gorgeous shape — I love the pleats! I decided since I had a bunch of off-white yarn hanging around that I would give it a go and see if I was a.] capable of following the pattern, and b.] I liked the end result. In the end, I love the look when it’s lying flat, but prefer it was a bit taller/deeper than the finished result, and maybe not quite as wide at the base… at least for my personal usability preferences. In my opinion the dimensions looked great flat but made for some strange interior space when the purse was in use. Full it looked a little funny but flat it looks fab! But maybe that’s just me. Check out a “full” pic below and compare it to this flat one, maybe you’ll see what I mean.

The pattern itself was super easy — all single crochet with ONE pesky row (row 15) where I had to follow the written instructions to form a pleat. And not just one pleat, but six total in that row! And then you had to do row 15 twice, because you had to make two side pieces to form the bag body. I got some help from fellow ravelers to interpret the instructions and I finally managed to get the hang of the pleat :) Yay! Beyond row 15, the rest of the pattern was super simple. My seaming isn’t all that great, but I’m learning. I’ve made some modifications that I plan to use on my next try and I hope it turns out the way I invision the perfect version of this handbag to be. Once I pick out some delicious brown yarn (after all, you can’t wear white after Labour Day, and with that coming up tomorrow, I only have one day to use this purse, LOL) for a more season-appropriate look, I’ll give the modified version a go. If that works out I’d love to post the mods for anyone else who might be interested :) As you can see, I didn’t make the little flaps (mostly because I had different handles than what the pattern called for) and I decided to add little crochet flowers as an accent. All part of the modifications, I tell ya. In the end it was a great project. I can’t wait to make another! :)

This little crochet handbag will be off to the bowling alley with us this evening for some dinner and fun with friends. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

4 Responses to “My First Crochet Handbag”

  1. Zuleika says:

    It’s so cute! I’ve had that bag on my to-do list since last year; one day I’ll get around to it. I see what you mean about the flat and full difference. Maybe with lining it won’t look so lumpy. Then again, the design is a funny shape anyway. :-)

  2. Toque (Lesley) says:


    And I totally agree. Maybe I’m just not cut out for that shape — I think if it were just a bit taller instead of wider I’d like it better and it would be a better fit for ME personally. When it’s open and I’m putting things in it, the wide thin sides form these weird pockets and if nothing really goes into that area of the space, it looks funny. So odd.

    Anyway, I hope the modified version comes out properly! You should totally get around to doing it — it was a snap and really is cute :)

  3. ~drew emborsky~ says:

    This one looks great! I really like the handles you chose more than the bamboo ones that Lion Brand requested me to use.

    Can’t wait to see your modified version!! =)

  4. Toque (Lesley) says:

    Oh Drew… I totally wish I was as crochet-capable as you! I was just lazy and recycled some old purse handles I had lying around. I really really love the shape idea and the pleats — I've been wanting to pull this shape off personally for awhile, but maybe it's me? Maybe I'm not fit for this shape! LOL. I sewed a handbag earlier this year where I made it *too tall* and not as wide as I wanted, and then this purse turned out to be *too wide* and not as tall as I wanted. Again, it might just be me clashing with the shape and trying to pull off something that isn't meant to be! Haha. I think if I make this just slightly taller and two sets of pleats wide instead of three, (and maybe add a couple more rows before beginning the pleat) I will have found the perfect in-between. I'll let you know! <3 Thanks for the great pattern and inspiration!