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Posted in Knit & Crochet , on November 15, 2007 , Leave a Comment

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Thanks to the big sale that’s going on right now at Michaels, I snagged some goodies that I’ve had my eyes on… new circular needles and DPNs that I hope to use when I try my hand at making some socks and toques done in the round. I also picked up some new yarn that was on sale, and Lucas picked out some alpaca yarn for me to make into a neck warmer. And as promised (to myself), I haven’t opened my new goodies to use them yet… not until I’ve finished the blanket for Lucas’ mom, which I’m determined to finish before I turn my attention to any other projects. (As you can see from my WIP list.)

And speaking of the blanket I’m working on for Lucas’ mom… at 135 rows and 20 inches long (without being stretched at all), I’m officially halfway finished with the project. Holy motivation, Batman! It’s taken me just under 2 weeks to get this far, so I am fully confident that I can complete this project before December 1st, my personal goal. In my free time away from the needles I’ve sketched out and planned a pattern of my very own — a raised moose profile dishcloth! I plan to make one each to give to my grandmas for Christmas. The pattern is nearly complete, but like all of my other projects, I won’t be starting on them until the blanket is under my belt. Stay tuned to see those come to life (hopefully soon!) and to get the pattern for yourself… as long as it turns out the way it does in my head ;)

I looked today at some specialized bags and containers that Michaels sells for toting around knitting supplies and works in progress, and I’ve decided (after some encouragement and support from Lucas) that I am going to sew something myself instead. I think a few modifications to my generic tote bag pattern will result in a nice and personalized knitting bag for yours truly. Plus I’d like to make myself a new purse anyway since my summer purse is looking a little out of place now that winter is fast approaching. Chalk up two more projects on my to do list!