GenCon Wrap Up

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I already wrote and posted this up over on, but I thought I’d also share the post here as well, as a way to wrap up how Gen Con went for me :)

Wow. Just… wow. Gen Con Indy was amazing! Thank you SO much to all of the fabulous people that stopped by our booth and supported handmade geek at the best four days in gaming!

Firstly, we have SO MUCH LOVE for all of the independent geek artists that made up G33Kmade’s booth. Though Kylee and I were there as the face promoting our cause, G33Kmade was more than just soap; we had amazing prints by GEEKLEETIST, fantastically detailed nerd pillows by Victoria the Germ, and epic dice bags designed by Lyndsay of Dragon Chow.  And not only that, we also represented other featured G33Kmade artists and friends such as GeekyCookies, UberDork Cafe, and Ruth of CthulhuChick, whose plush Cthulhu was our booth mascot. We were givin’ out super sweet geeky buttons made by Wendy of GeekyBoutiquey left and right, and tried to ensure our mission of spreading the love between everyone that made G33Kmade’s booth a success to anyone that would listen. And boy, did we have a lot of listeners!

Wil Wheaton came by the G33Kmade booth on Saturday and picked out a Dragon Chow dice bag as part of his mission to collect as many dice as possible at Gen Con. Getting a Dragon Chow dice bag was part of another spread-the-love geeky mission initiated by @cmdrsue via Twitter. It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel weak in the knees and love what you do that much more: seeing so many people come together under one banner for one awesome purpose… to support each other’s handmade geek. It’s the foundation that G33Kmade was built upon. Share. Support. Promote. Love. Geek. Wil picked up some of our soap sculptures of awesome offerings and chose a dice bag. When he realized what G33Kmade was and what we were all about, he told Kylee and I how PROUD he was of us. Of what we had started with G33Kmade. Of promoting independent geek artists and all of us working together. The fact that so many of you were on board doing this together. He compared it to how he got started and all of the people he’s worked with, and just kept repeating how proud he was. It was surreal. And awesome.

Who would’ve thought? Independent artists working together. G33Kmade is not just two people. It’s one giant geeky dogpile of epic proportions and each and every person supporting us – whether from the sidelines or as a featured artist – is an important part of that pile. It really was amazing to see how well received the whole concept was. People loved hearing stories about the artists of G33Kmade as they browsed geeky wares from all over North America. They were surprised to see Kylee and I selling soap side-by-side and promoting and cheering each other on instead of competing. But that’s what it’s all about, and the warm fuzzy feelings I got from being able to work with so many thoughtful, giving geeks had me glowing all weekend. I am proud to be a crafty geek.

The famously clean superheroine you all know as @DeodorantDame even came by so we could help aid her in her quest for cleanliness at cons everywhere! Equipped with her deodorant spray and a D20 Soap on a Rope, she was unstoppable. United we stand for a meaningful cause!

So enough gushing already, right? BRING ON THE PICTURES! For your viewing pleasure… (There are multiple pages, so don’t forget to click the Next links!)

THANK YOU to every single person who has supported G33Kmade. Handmade FTW!

As you can imagine, it’s been busy ever since Gen Con around here. On a personal note, I got a job offer for a school district on the north side of town about 10 minutes before our Gen Con booth opened, and started said job at 7:30am the Monday morning after Gen Con. The good news is that the job is amazing; I love it! The bad news is that it’s an hour commute for now, so not only am I juggling a successful small business in what little spare time I have, I also have a new full time job AND we’re planning to move in a few weeks to be closer to work. As if I needed more things on my plate, Lucas and I are going with a bunch of friends down to Atlanta, GA next weekend to attend Dragon Con, too. Should be a really fun time!

In crafting news, expect a few new little things coming to GEEKSOAP soon, and my Cthulhu Toque should be back in stock both on Etsy and over on in the next few weeks as we get closer to fall and hat season. I’m also planning a slight redesign to my Baththulhu Cthulhu Bath Mitt pattern to create Cthulhu Mittens for this holiday season as well :) Oh, and did I mention that Lucas and I are trying new recipes each week and attempting to stay on top of our family blog, too? Stay tuned! Somehow I’ll accomplish all of this in the midst of a move ;) Take care!

GEEKSOAP News & Support UberDork Cafe!

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Hey readers!

I just wanted to give you a head’s up – GEEKSOAP will be on vacation from June 19 – June 29. Check out the On Vacation page of my store for more information. Basically the store will stay open, just be aware that my house sitter cannot make soap, so I won’t be able to begin work on your order until I return on June 30. :) I will then begin processing orders in the order they were received in my absence, and I promise to get your order out to you ASAP! Thanks for understanding :)

So what’s the vacation for? Well, Lucas and I’s anniversary is coming up on Sunday, and it’s our tradition to stay in a bed and breakfast on the ocean over our anniversary. Last summer we did Nova Scotia and I still daydream of the place we stayed at. I think the sound of the waves crashing up through the open patio door all night is the most relaxing thing ever! This year we’re going to Vancouver, which is a good choice since it means we get to stay on the ocean (we’re actually going out to Victora on Vancouver Island for 2 nights at a bed and breakfast there) and also head inland a little bit to visit friends and family. I’ve not yet been to Vancouver, so I’m excited about exploring after our getaway on the island. We’ll visit Lucas’ uncles and Matt and Laresha (brother and sister-in-law) and then head even further inland to spend some time in Penticton, where Lucas grew up, to visit his parents and some more friends. I can’t wait! I’m working extra hard this week in the GEEKSOAP soap studio to prepare; not only am I working on orders daily, I’m also still prepping for Gen Con in August! Whew!

When I return you can expect some new goodies, too! I’ve got 2-3 new soaps coming PLUS a rumored 3D Dalek soap from Dr. Who…. that won’t be ready immediately when I return, but it’s in the works! ALSO, the awesome Cthulhu bath mitt I designed and crocheted will also be made available. I will be calling it the Baththulhu Cthulhu Bath Mitt, and it’s extra cute! Currently I have a mens and womens’ size as well as being able to make it in a lefty-friendly design. It’s 100% original and made from super soft 100% cotton; perfect for getting clean with my Cthulhu GEEKSOAP! The Baththulhu mitt will be my FOURTH original Cthulhu design since 2009… first it was the Cthulhu toque (and a baby toque that came out last year), then it was my Sock-thulhu Cthulhu plushie in late 2009, then my Cthulhu soap came out in January 2010 and the Baththulhu mitt will be out July 2010! Exciting!

So July will bring some new soap and some new items for GEEKSOAP with the Baththulhu Cthulhu Bath Mitt! I will most likely be having my Cthulhu toques and Sock-thulhu plush added to my product listings at GEEKSOAP in the near future, even though they aren’t soap related… they’re still geek related and complete the set with my awesome, original Cthulhu soap. I want to prepare ahead of time because the Cthulhu toques get popular in the fall and winter months so I need to get started on some stock! I’d also like to take a few to Gen Con if I manage to get the time. Some bath mitts will for sure be going, but I may not have time to make very many toques or Sock-thulhus. (Speaking of which… I need to find a good wholesale supplier of various colored chenille socks… lol)

So that’s the news for where GEEKSOAP is right now, and what you can expect to see from me soon! Now I need to turn your attention to something incredibly awesome… my friend Natali (AKA @UberDorkGirlie) is amazing. She has this dream of a super fantastic geeky cafe that she calls Uber Dork Cafe – a family-friendly place where art and science and geek come together to provide patrons with a completely fantastic cafe experience – and she needs your help! Uber Dork Cafe was granted a pledge page at Kickstarter, where you can help pledge your support to various ideas and creations by all kinds of people and their dreams. Please go check out Uber Dork Cafe and pledge any amount that you can to help Natali fulfill her dream!

More ways to support UberDork Cafe: Head on over to the Facebook page and follow @UberDorkCafe on Twitter!

That’s it for today – I’ll see you back here after I get home from vacation with an update on the crafts I’ll be taking with me on the plane (Lots of Baththulhus will be made for sure!) and to announce new soap and finally release the bath mitts! Thanks for stopping by *hearts* <3

Fabulous Resources & I Was Featured!

Posted in Miscellaneous , on March 1, 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

I wanted to share some really neat resources I’ve been lucky enough to be made aware of recently. First of all, I’m twittering!  Yes that’s right, I have become hip and have started leaving little tweets about things going on in life, both crafty and otherwise!  It’s oddly satisfying. If you want to follow me on twitter (or want me to follow you on twitter!) check me out at :) There are SO many crafty people already out there sharing their tweets, and I really like trying to keep up — I see so many neat crafts and cool things that way… it’s very inspiring!

This week I learned about a great online printing service called was shared with me by one of my blog readers, Sarah, who says, “I’ve really had a great experience with them.  One of the first books I ordered had a wrinkle in it and they replaced it free of charge since it was their mistake.  Also, they print 12×12 pages (loose) for $.75…The cheapest I have found.” Wait, did she say $.75 per full-colour 12″x12″ sheet? That’s insane! So I went over and checked it out, signed up, etc. The latest from Sarah is, “I should be getting my fourth order from viovio this weekend.  I’ve order a 12×12, 10×10, 8.5×8.5 and recently ordered loose 12×12.  LOL  I’ve seen a good variety.  I like the paper used for the 10×10 and bigger best, but the 8.5*8.5 is cheap and makes a good gift book.” Can’t beat prices and customer service like that! Say hello to my new favourite online printing service!

The last site I want to share is — it’s like Etsy, but free! No listing fees and no fees when you sell things. Of course there is a free user and premium user choice when you sign up, and the premium user naturally gets more options when setting up their online studio (how many pictures you can put up, how many items can be for sale at one time), but… for someone like me that just wants to sell a little here and there when I have it, it’s great and… free. This has inspired me to try and get some things up soon when I have a chance. I’ll let you know when I’m all set up and actually have something available to sell!

Oh and WOW I just have to share… I was honoured to realize that my custom handpainted Mahjong set that I made for Lucas for Valentine’s day (see previous entry) was chosen as one of the Feb 19 featured projects on craftster! This makes me blush! I’m so glad people have enjoyed it :) Check me out on the front page!

And there you have it this weekend! I feel bad that I have a pretty pink Huug the Hug Monster © that is just sitting there waiting to be finished (along with that sweater I’d started working on a month ago) but work has been busy and I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day on the weekend to get everything done! More crafty stuff coming soon, I promise :) Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

Papier-Mache Part 2: Dinosaur Eggs!

Posted in Miscellaneous , on February 5, 2009

The papier-mache dinosaur egg project was a huge success!  Lucas and I spent last weekend papier-mache’ing the little balloons with dinosaurs inside. We let them dry for a day or two and then popped the balloons and removed them completely from the egg, leaving the plastic dino inside.  We secured the hole used to pop the balloons during the second round of papier-mache.  Once the eggs were complete and solid, I laid out a lot of newspaper in our basement and spray painted the eggs an off-white colour. WOW, were the fumes bad! I had both windows open down there for good air ventilation because it was too cold to spray paint outside. That of course meant the basement was freezing, but it was worth it!

The kids got to paint their eggs on Tuesday.  I explained how to carefully handle their precious egg, and that there was a dinosaur inside waiting to hatch!  We talked about what they thought dinosaur eggs looked like and I told them to use their imagination and paint them however they think they would’ve looked since no one knows for sure.  This went over well and the kids had lots of colours to choose from as they painted.  Most eggs turned out to be brown since the kids also enjoy mixing colours together, haha, but it was an amazing project. Tomorrow we are hatching our eggs, and the kids will get to keep the dinosaur that’s inside.  We had so much fun guessing what would be in our eggs, too.  The kids painted pictures of dinosaurs at the easel to show me what they thought (hoped) was inside their egg.  Let me tell you, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is really popular.

So I recently switched operating systems, inspired by the early Valentine’s Day present that Lucas gave me over the weekend… a netbook!  Basically a netbook is just a super tiny laptop.  Weighing in at only 2 pounds, my new netbook is incredibly easy to tote around, and I have the ability to surf the net, check email and do word processing anywhere.  It is running a Linux distribution called Ubuntu instead of Windows, and I love it. Lucas has been running Ubuntu on his laptop for over a year now, and I was excited to make the switch.  I also decided to go with Ubuntu for my desktop computer operating system as well. Bye bye, Windows! ;)

I’m still working on my first crochet sweater (it’s coming along slowly!) and am making more Huugs.  I’m planning on making a mini keychain sized Huug this weekend.  Plus… I am nearly dying of excitement about the Valentine’s Day project I’m working on for Lucas.  This handmade gift is taking me awhile to complete, but the results are going to be worth it for sure.  I can’t wait to share it here after Valentine’s Day!  Happy crafting :)

I'm still here!

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I’ve gotten a few emails and comments about my absence lately and I’d like to apologize! I promise I haven’t abandoned you ;) Life just gets busy sometimes, as I’m sure a lot of you have experienced before!

As a lot of you know, I finally got a permanent teaching contract — I’m now officially a kindergarten teacher!  The position started after the holiday break and as you can imagine, I have been incredibly busy.  My first two weeks so far has gone really well.  I love the job and my students! I teach both a morning and afternoon kindergarten class at my school so it’s a long day.  I taught 4th grade for four years back in the states so I was prepared for (and have embraced) the work, but because of the age difference it really has been like starting my first year of teaching all over again — lots of evenings spent crafting lesson plans, activities and things for my classroom. But I am so much happier than I was substitute teaching.  So that’s where my crafting and design time has gone lately!

In addition to my new teaching endeavor, I have started a few ambitious projects to keep me even more busy… like I have time! ;) But I’ve jumped in and am working on a retail plan for some of my work — most notably a creature I designed last year and have had copyrighted, Huug the Hug Monster©, along with some other things. I’ve got a portfolio of my work/examples of what I’ve done put together ready for sharing now at Exciting huh?  I’d love to get some of the boutique-y shops locally interested in my abilities.  And I should mention I’ve started making my first crochet sweater. Egads!  I thought it would never happen, but I’m using Lion Brand’s Side-to-Side Cowl Neck Sweater pattern (free!) and I think I can handle it.  We’ll see!  I’ve just barely put a dent in the project with everything else going on, but I am determined to get it done before winter’s end.

I’ve not had as much digital scrapbooking time lately, however the Ettes and Company has recently partnered with Polaroid’s My Memories Suite software and will be designing work specifically for the program! How awesome is that? Check out all of the details here!  By using their promo code you can get 30% off all software purchases with Polaroid this month.  They have some fabulous products and I can’t wait to see what they make for Polaroid.

So there you have it — I’ll do my best to update as often as possible with new things. I hope to make some new digi scrapping items soon, but we’ll see!  Thanks for reading and checking in :) See you back soon!

Hello (craft) world!

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I just finished moving my craft blog over to its new home!   I’ve imported the posts already and think I’ve made all of the finishing touches to the layout and design and other features that I wanted.  Stay tuned — I’ll be having some “move celebration” freebies to give away. :love: Thanks for your patience :smile:

A New Member of the Family

Posted in Miscellaneous , on February 26, 2008

As if we weren’t already busy enough with moving into a brand new house a few weeks back and preparing for our upcoming June wedding in Las Vegas, Lucas and I decided to throw more fun into the mix of life by getting Oliver a little brother. As most of you know, Oliver is our handsome 5 year old border collie/brittany spaniel, which means the newest member of the family is a new puppy.

Lucas and I have wanted a new puppy for a long time. We’d always put it off and said we’d wait until we had a house with lots of room and a backyard. Well now that we have a house with lots of room and a backyard, we started thinking again about adding to our family. We weren’t sure exactly what we wanted, but we knew that we wanted a female (ha!) and that we wanted a small dog. To get some ideas, we visited a pet store in the area to browse. We really liked the look of some miniature schnauzer puppies we saw, and we were also considering miniature dachshunds now that my entire family seems to have one. We started browsing the classified ads and shelters and came across a family on the north side of town who had a litter of miniature schnauzers they were selling. We decided to meet the puppies and see how we felt. I should’ve known that once we got within range of puppies, we’d not be going home empty handed. We’re such suckers.

From the very beginning when we first entertained the idea of getting a new puppy, we’d planned on getting a female. And then we met the little boy of the litter. Not only was he adorable, he was all white! He looked very different from his furry traditional salt ‘n’ pepper coloured sisters. The litter came rushing out to meet us, and we couldn’t take our eyes off of the little male. He melted our hearts and we realized we were going home with a little brother for Oliver instead of a sister like we’d planned. Not everything happens as planned; Oliver was actually chosen under the same circumstances when I picked him out. I went in to the shelter with the intention of picking a female and instead came home with Oliver — mostly for the same reasons we chose the white male schnauzer — his colouring made him unique and just that much cuter. He absolutely stole our hearts.

We brought our new puppy home and introduced him to Oliver, who wasn’t sure what to think at first. It took us a day to finally decide on a name, and we picked Winston. It just seems to fit! As a schnauzer he has a little beard, and our little guy’s beard is white so we decided that only an old man kind of name would work. Oliver wasn’t aggressive towards Winston, but he did try to avoid him for a few days. Thankfully Winston is incredibly laid back and calm, which complements Oliver very nicely. We’ve had Winston for a week now, and Oliver has finally warmed up to his new playmate. Oliver even plays tug-of-war with Winston! And typical of siblings, the younger one follows the older one around and wants to do everything that the older one does. Winston wants to be just like Oliver. (For all of our sakes, we sure hope that Oliver stays unique, lol.) And at first, Oliver didn’t seem to be too keen on having a little shadow, but we’ve noticed over the last day or two that when Oliver realizes that Winston isn’t following him around anymore, he misses him and goes to find out where he is. Oliver is incredibly social with people, but isn’t very social with other dogs so it took him a few days to figure out HOW to play with Winston. Now that they are getting along, we can focus more on helping Oliver to lower his voice when he plays. Oliver is so much bigger and louder than Winston, but he’s definitely improving and figuring out how to use his “indoor voice” when he plays with his little brother. They’re really cute together when they get going!

This blog entry wouldn’t be complete without pictures, and of course, we’ve taken loads of them. With our good digital camera gone, I’ve had to resort to the old icky one. It takes even ickier video clips, but I’ve put together some low res/low quality footage of Oliver and Winston playing together, too. You can see all of the pictures we’ve taken so far of our new family member HERE and check out the videos HERE and HERE. I’ve got a newer video that’s a little better quality (Lucas’ cell phone takes better video than a 6 year old digital camera), but I still need to convert the format and put it all together, so you may want to check out my videos to see when it’s up. The photo page is updated as often as I can tear myself away from my boys to upload, and is constantly changing, so be sure to check back to see more. Wish us luck on housebreaking! ;)

Where Have I Been?

Posted in Miscellaneous , on February 5, 2008

Holy lapse in posting, Batman! I’ve neglected my poor blog for nearly two months now, but that’s because I have nothing newly made to share! With our trip to Indiana for Christmas and our big move later in January, I’ve just not had time. While I’m sure you were all waiting eagerly on the edge of your seat this whole time, dying to know what crafty goodness I’d been cooking up, sadly I’m here to report that my crafting supplies are still in boxes, waiting to be sorted and put away in the new basement. So what’s been going on all this time?

Well, now that I’ve mentioned it… you can guess that a lot of what’s kept me from updating is that Lucas and I moved into a brand new house a little over a week ago. It was not a scheduled event initially, but the increase in break-ins (including our own townhouse) in our old area prompted us to seek out greener pastures. We lucked out and found a gorgeous new house that was just recently built in a newly developed neighbourhood. The house was finished being built a week before Christmas, and thanks to the help of Michelle, Jeff, and Jeremy, we successfully moved in last Saturday. It took two full UHAUL trips and a lot of blood, sweat and tears… but we’re finally mostly settled in. The house is so new that it doesn’t even have grass yet; the builders plan to lay the sod for our yard in the spring. It has hardwood floors throughout the main floor, carpet upstairs, and together the two floors are just over 1400 square feet. That doesn’t include the additional 700 square feet that make up our unfinished basement! We have lots of glorious space — almost more than we know what to do with — and it’s a dream come true. I think Oliver loves the abundance of the big spacious windows the most; his favourite new place to be is either in the front office or lounging lazily on the middle landing of the carpeted staircase so he has the perfect view out the window over the foyer. And it was like the builders had our little family in mind when they put in the tall, skinny window alongside the front door — it’s the perfect width and height for Oliver to greet visitors, framing him perfectly.

So as you can imagine, shortly after getting back home from our Christmas trip to the States we had a lot of work ahead of us as we packed up the old place and made arrangements and worked out the details of the move. Once we got into the new place we had a lot of unpacking to do, and the basement craft area is unfortunately on the back burner until we can get everything else in place and get the basement wired properly for electricity outside of the laundry and freezer hookups. Eventually I will have an amazing craft room to work my magic in, but until there are places to put it all away in an organized fashion, my fabric and yarn stashes will have to wait patiently in their boxes. So don’t be surprised if it’s a little longer between updates for awhile. :(

Now that the move is behind us and we’re settling in, it’s time to focus forward. That includes the Serj Tankian concert coming up in next month — our tickets were Valentine’s Day presents to each other this year. I can’t wait! Serj is one of the lead singers of System of a Down, my favourite band. Lucas treated me to a System of a Down concert last July, and I’m really looking forward to seeing my favourite member of the group perform his new (and absolutely brilliant) solo album live. If you haven’t heard Serj’s solo album, I highly recommend picking it up. His voice is music to my ears! The smaller venue concert at Mac Hall should be fantastic!

It’s also time to focus back on the plans for our upcoming wedding, which have kind of been at a stand-still due to the move. By Christmas we had picked out the chapel in Vegas and fully paid for the package that we wanted, but we now need to make our flight and hotel reservations in the near future. We’re hoping February will bring a great Westjet seat sale, so cross your fingers! Any future details will be put up on our Wedding Website as they are planned.

Hope you had a Happy New Year, and best of luck for a fabulous February!

It's Official: I'm Official!

Posted in Miscellaneous , on May 17, 2007

This isn’t “craft” related, but it is something so big that has such a huge impact on my life in general that I just must share :)

So the day we’ve been waiting 9 months for finally arrived: as of today, May 17, 2007… I am an official Permanent Resident of Canada! As I reported a few posts ago, I received notification at the end of April/first of May that I was approved for Permanent Residency, but today was the actual day I went in to the Calgary Immigration office to be granted the official status.

I know there was no reason to be nervous, but my stomach was doing flip flops all morning. I kept worrying that I would forget some important piece of ID, or the photos I had to have done wouldn’t be perfectly to spec… I was just worrying that SOMETHING silly would go wrong and they’d reject me. It all went off without a hitch, of course, there was just a lot of waiting.

I took a train downtown and met Lucas at his office and we walked to the government building where we waited for about an hour for my name to be called. We spent more time waiting than the actual “interview” took – I basically went into this tiny room to sign papers and that was it. The woman asked me a couple of simple questions, but they were all things that were listed on the document in front of me anyway, lol. I signed everything and she gave me my copy of the paperwork; this piece of paper I will guard with my life, as it is not only a temporary placeholder for the actual Permanent Resident card that I will receive in the mail in a few weeks, but also something I will need to keep for future dealings with the immigration office. This document doesn’t guarantee anything for travel purposes, but I’m still taking my trip to Indiana next week. The teeeeeny tiny slim chance they’ll give me a hard time once I’m back in Canada on the way home since I don’t physically have the card in my hand doesn’t really worry me; after all, I am legally a permanent resident now. Worst case scenario is I’ll have to spend a little longer in Indiana or they’ll scold me and make going through customs once I’m back in Calgary take a little longer than usual, but it’s really a non-issue. Nothing we can’t handle. It’s been nearly a year now since I’ve seen my family (I hit my year mark just before I leave Indiana to come back), and now that I possess official status, I’ve gotta see them. I miss my little brother the most, but don’t tell him that or I’ll totally deny it. You know how it is.

So ya, it’s been an exciting day! We went to a restaurant called Milestones afterwards; fitting, if you ask me. Lucas took that great picture above of me holding up my Permanent Resident document at the restaurant as we celebrated. We came home and celebrated with Oliver, and now we’re going out for ice cream! Oliver seems a little confused because we kept telling him he was now officially a permanent dog resident of Canada, but he didn’t seem to mind not understanding what we were talking about since he was getting lots of attention over it. “Whatever you say, mom, just keep hugging me!”

In the near future our plans include getting me all packed for my trip to Indiana next week; I leave Thursday. Because it’s a big deadline, black-out-date period for Lucas at work, he has to wait a week before he can come down, but he’ll be joining me in Indiana with my family the following Thursday and staying the full second week with me at my parents’ house. Our itinerary is pretty full, and once Lucas arrives, starts off with Tripoly night with my parents and taking Herm out for a belated 21st birthday celebration and college graduation celebration. I can’t wait to see everyone!


Posted in Miscellaneous , on September 22, 2006

Ok I don’t know what to actually put on this blog, though I could always turn it into a crafting thing. I already have too many websites and too many blogs elsewhere, so instead I’ll just link to all of those places and you can go from there until I decide to do something official with this blog.

Scoob and I’s blog/photo gallery/social calendar/etc.

My gaming website and articles/blogs (updated the most)

I think that’s enough to get you started! :)